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  Luckin Coffee announces smart unmanned retail strategy, bringing Luckincloser to customers
  (2020年1月8日,北京)瑞幸咖啡(Nasdaq:LK)召开战略发布会,发布智能无人零售战略,推出无人咖啡机“瑞即购”(luckin coffee EXPRESS)和无人售卖机“瑞划算”(luckinpopMINI),进一步密布网点、贴近客户。在发布会上,瑞幸咖啡对外公布直营门店数达到4507家,已成为中国 的咖啡连锁品牌。同时,累计交易客户数也已超过4000万。
  BEIJING, China, January8, 2020 - Luckin Coffee Inc. (“Luckin Coffee” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ: LK)announced in a strategy press conference that the Company is entering the unmanned retail market with the launch of itssmart unmanned coffee machine “luckin coffee EXPRESS” and smart vending machine “luckinpopMINI”, further densifying its network and bringing Luckin Coffee closer to customers. At the press conference, Luckin Coffee also disclosed that its number of self-operated stores reached 4,507 by the end of 2019, which the Company believesmakesit the largest coffee chain by number of stores in China as of December 31, 2019.The number of cumulative transacting customers reached over 40million as of December 31, 2019.
  “瑞即购”采用瑞士Schaerer咖啡机、WBC大师精心拼配的IIAC金奖咖啡豆和其他优质原料,产品品质和口味达到与瑞幸咖啡门店相同标准,实现“大师咖啡,更近一步”。“瑞划算”的 特点是“线下买到电商价”。瑞幸咖啡通过与全球产品供应商的深度合作,大规模采购和定制化获得优惠的采购价格,并借助“瑞划算”大大减少渠道成本,使客户在享受到无人售货机便利的同时,还可以享受到电商的低价。无人零售终端机将覆盖办公室、校园、机场、车站、加油站、高速公路服务区和社区等各个场所,并和现有的瑞幸门店网络相辅相成、互相补充。无人终端与公司智能系统无缝对接,运用IoT物联网、大数据和人脸识别等先进科技,创造全新客户消费体验。
  Featuring Swiss Schaerer coffee machines, IIAC Gold Award coffee bean blends from WBC coffee masters and other high-quality ingredients, luckin coffee EXPRESS provides freshly brewed drinks with the same quality and taste as in Luckin stores and therefore achieves “LuckinCoffee, Closer to You”. luckin pop MINI’s biggest attraction is “E-commerce Prices in Vending Machines”. By working closely with global suppliers and receiving discounts through large volume procurement and customization and significantly reducing channel costs with luckin pop MINIterminals, Luckin Coffee enables customers to enjoy the convenience of vending machines and low prices comparable to e-commerce at the same time. Theunmanned terminals will cover locations including office buildings, campuses, airports, bus terminals, gas stations, highway servicestations and communities, supplementing the existing Luckin store network. These terminals are fully integrated with our technology system and are empowered by IoT, big data, facial recognition, and other advanced technologies, which will create new customersexperience.
  Jenny Zhiya Qian, Chief Executive Officer of Luckin Coffee, commented, “Luckin Coffee’s unmanned retailnetwork, store footprint and e-commerce channels,together form our proprietary omni-channel customer traffic network. With our value propositions of high quality, high affordability and high convenience, Luckinis rapidly becoming a well recognized, trendy, mass market FMCG brand. Luckin Coffee is dedicated to building a closed-loop smart retail platform with our own customer traffic and our own products. We will continue to grow both our own traffic and products, improve brand value, expand the scale of our platform, and create more value for our customers. Luckin Coffee is on track to realizeour mission of being part of everyone’s life, starting with coffee.”
  发布会现场,瑞幸咖啡与百事公司(PepsiCo)、雀巢(Nestle)、恒天然(Fonterra)、雪莱(Schaerer)、路易达孚(LDC)、奥兰(Olam)、中粮、希杰(CJ)、伊利、蒙牛、好丽友、卡乐比等14家全球 供应商共同启动无人零售战略发布仪式。
  At the press conference, Luckin Coffee and 14 leading global suppliers, including PepsiCo, Nestle, Fonterra, Schaerer, LDC, Olam, COFCO, CJ, Yili, Mengniu, Orion Confectionery, and Calbee, participated in the ceremony launching Luckin Coffee’s unmanned retail strategy.
  Industry experts commented that Luckin Coffee’s unmanned retail network eliminates payroll and decoration costs,lowersrental expenses significantly and enjoysa better cost structure compared to that of small-format stores. ThereforeLuckin Coffee is able to become closer to customers at lower transaction costswhilst ensuring product quality. The unmanned retail strategy will fuel customer acquisition and increase customer purchase frequency for Luckin Coffee.
  瑞幸咖啡(Nasdaq:LK)公司总部位于厦门,是中国 的连锁咖啡品牌。瑞幸咖啡以“从咖啡开始,让瑞幸成为人们日常生活的一部分”为愿景,通过充分利用移动互联网和大数据技术的新零售模式,与各领域 供应商深度合作,致力为客户提供高品质、高性价比、高便利性的产品。瑞幸咖啡的咖啡豆连续两年在IIAC国际咖啡品鉴大赛斩获金奖。截至2019年底,直营门店数达到4507家。
  About Luckin Coffee
  Luckin Coffee Inc. (NASDAQ: LK) is headquartered in Xiamen, China. Luckin Coffee is a leading coffee chain in China that has pioneered a technology-driven new retail model to provide coffee and other products of high quality, high affordability, and high convenience to customers. Empowered by big data analytics, AI, and proprietary technologies of its new retail model, Luckin Coffee aims to realize its mission to be part of everyone’s everyday life, starting with coffee. Luckin Coffee’s coffee beans were awarded a gold medal at the IIAC International Coffee Tasting Competition in Milan, Italy, for the two consecutive year in 2019. As of the end of 2019, Luckin Coffee operates 4,507 stores across more than 40 cities in China. For more information, please visit investor.luckincoffee.com.

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